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WhatsApp Shop

Send customers your WhatsApp Shop catalog, or single product, and allow them to make purchases on WhatsApp. Nulu AI will send the WhatsApp order details to a specific URL set by you.

Compatible with Dialogflow

Messenger and Instagram Intergration

Have your Facebook and Instagram communication in one place. Receive messages sent to your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts and reply to them directly in Nulu AI

Omni-Channel Experience

Send and reply to WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages, Telegram messages, text messages, emails, tickets, and chat messages in Nulu AI. Save time with communication that happens all in a one place.

Facebook Messanger Intergration

Instagram Intergration

Telegram Intergration

X Intergration

Calendly Intergration

Zappier Intergration

Chatbot Training

Improve the chatbot's performance with every chat by adding new Q&A in real time. In a click, agents can teach both NuluAI and Dialogflow chatbots new answers. NuluAI will create variations of the question to enhance the chatbot.

Chatbot Actions

Give your chatbot the ability to perform actions on behalf of the user like sending an email, open an article, change the department, and more.

Allow the chatbot to act on behalf of the user

More than 10 actions available

Ready-To-Use Dialogflow Templates

When creating a chatbot, taking the first step can be hard. To make it easier, Dialogflow provides a set of ready-to-use chatbot templates, each capable of replying to general questions.

Speech Recognition

Instantly convert audio messages into written text with the Nulu AI transcription technology. The text will be displayed alongside the audio player in real-time.

Compatible with website Widget

Compatible with Instagram

Compatible with WhatsApp

Booking System

With the Calendly integration, scheduling meetings with your site visitors is a breeze. Your leads and customers can easily book appointments directly from the chat widget or the tickets area.

Multilingual Chatbots

Switch your chatbot's language to match the user's language, creating a multilingual experience. The chatbot can also translate messages into its language and reply in user's language

Real-time message translation

More than 50 languages

Language detection


Organize conversations and assign departments to agents. Transfer rules so that your conversations will always land in the right hands. Route conversations and send department – specific email notifications.

Real-time Queue

Notifies visitors of their position in the queue and waiting time in real-time. Automatically distribute the conversations among all available agents and set concurrent chats limit.

Routing and Agent Assignment

Updates in real-time

Routing and Agent Assignment

Assign conversations to available agents in a proportional manner or let your users select their preferred agent. Maximize efficiency and satisfaction with our advanced routing solutions.

Agent Ratings

Gather feedback on your customers' live chat experiences and use lessons learned to improve customer service. Check your agents' ratings and send post-chat messages.

Post-chat messages and surveys

Works with tickets

Ratings report

Chat rating

Registration and Login

We offer complete user management. Allow visitors to register and log in directly from the chat. Personalize the registration form with custom fields, and require registration before starting a chat.

Get to Know Your Customers

Improve customer support with more data and automatically gleans useful information about the user. From country to local time, context is key – and our goal is to keep your customers happy in the long term.

User IP, local currency and more

User local time and current page

User location with map

User OS and browser

Rich Messages and Surveys

The chatbot's functionality is on par with that of a human agent! It can send attachments, media, rich messages and surveys, which are easy to create and insert into the chatbot's message.

Proactive Chat

Have your agents reach out to online visitors before they start a chat. Agents can access the online users list from the admin area and invite any user to engage in a live chat interaction.

Real-time online users list

Send a message to online users

Manage Conversations

Easily manage your conversations in one place with our user-friendly interface. Search for conversations, delete messages, view users’ online status and see when they are typing in real time.

Social Share

Send messages to customers and ask them to share their current pages on social networks and messaging apps like Facebook, Twitter and more. Increase your website traffic and social presence.

Support for Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linked-in, Pinterest

More services coming soon




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